Charlotte Chefs Show Off at Euphoria

Euphoria, a food, wine, and music festival in Greenville, SC, just celebrated its 14th year. Chefs, mixologists, beer brewers, wine makers, and other culinary talents gathered for four days to celebrate the pleasures of food and beverage in the South. Proceeds from the event benefited organizations such as The SC School for the Deaf and Blind Foundation, Legacy Early College, and The Greenville Tech Foundation.

This year, a handful of Charlotte chefs partook in the festivities through various events. On Thursday, Chef Bruce Moffett of Moffett Restaurant Group and Chef Clark Barlowe of Heirloom contributed dishes at Songwriter’s Recipe, a showcase of the songwriting process. Two days later, these chefs were at it again at the VIP Experience before Friday’s grand event, Taste of the South. Chef Moffett made a delicious smoked quail with corn spoon bread while Chef Barlowe served crispy duck confit with cabbage salad.


Down at Taste of the South, Chef Chris Coleman of The Goodyear House handed out local NC shrimp on top of mignonette butter and saltines. Chef Mike Long of The Asbury also stayed with the Southern theme with his pork and chili marmalade over mushroom spoonbread.

On Saturday, the eating continued at Feast by the Field. Chef Craig Barbour of ROOTS Café and Catering filled a tortilla with shrimp, heirloom tomatoes, and sweet corn. Meanwhile, pitmaster Matt Barry of Midwood Smokehouse took home first place in a Brunswick Stew competition. Those who attended the class Call Me Old Fashioned were treated to cocktails by Stefan Heubner of Dot Dot Dot.

Saturday evening was full of delicious food and live music at Party in the Park. Chef Barlowe was at it again serving up wild mushroom ragout with polenta. Guests that purchased tickets to a smaller dinner event, Grillin’ on the Green, were delighted by dishes from Chef Coleman, Chef Shai Fargian of Yafo Kitchen, and Chef Ashley Boyd of 300 East.


Finally, pitmasters from all over worked their magic at Sunday Brunch: Fired Up! Here, we saw Matt Barry smoke red eye USDA prime burnt ends and serve them with fresh cream grits.

Save the date for Euphoria 2020: September 17 – 20. We can’t wait to see which Charlotte chefs make the trip.

Heather Sinyard