Grilled Chicken Livers with Charred Vidalia & Lemon

½ lb chicken livers, trimmed
2 tblsp olive oil
S/P to taste
1 vidalia onion, quartered
2 tblsp butter
juice/zest of 1 lemon
2 sprigs of Italian parsley, chopped

1)Soak 4 8 inch bamboo skewers (or can use rosemary sticks) in water for 30 mins
2)Heat grill to very hot (600F)
3)Skewer livers, brush with olive oil, then season with salt/pepper
4)Grill the livers, only turning once, until well browned, but pink inside, 2-3 mins
5)Char onion heavily on grill, then dice small. Melt butter, add lemon juice and zest, then
onions. Remove from heat, season, and add parsley
6)Spoon sauce over livers and serve

Heather Sinyard