Belly Up to the Whiskey Bar at HoneyFire BBQ

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If you’ve visited HoneyFire BBQ in Nashville’s Bellevue community, you know that owner/pitmaster Shane Nasby serves a menu of delicious food featuring smoked meats that go far beyond the traditional pork shoulder, ribs, chicken and brisket. Innovative and decadent sandwiches like the Southern Shine with hickory-smoked pulled pork, fried green tomatoes, pimento cheese and candied bacon, or the Alabama Slammer made with pulled chicken plus candied bacon topped with HoneyFire Original Sauce and HoneyFire Alabama White Sauce are craveable treats that your won’t encounter on just any barbecue joint’s menu. 

But if you haven’t ventured to the back of the restaurant where Nasby has set up a small and convivial bar area, you’re missing out on one of Nashville’s best whiskey collections. With more than 150 whiskeys including 85 bourbons, HoneyFire’s offering challenges the spirits lists of many more famous whiskey-centric bars. To show off and share his collection, Nasby has started a new HoneyFire Whiskey Club where members can pay a $50 annual membership to earn exclusive invitations to spirits tastings, product launches and distillery tours throughout the year.  

With the option of one ounce or two ounce pours at quite affordable prices, patrons can build their own whiskey flights to discover a new favorite, and club members can track their progress through the whole collection in a dedicated notebook. HoneyFire offers prizes like branded swag and free food to members as they hit milestones along the way. Nasby also promises a really great prize for anyone who finishes all 155 whiskeys, although he hasn’t revealed exactly what the reward will be yet.  

To join the HoneyFire Whiskey Club, visit the restaurant at 8127 Sawyer Brown Road in the One Bellevue Place shopping and entertainment complex. You can sign up at the bar, and your membership includes your first one-ounce pour!

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Heather Sinyard