Peg Leg Porker to Host Cancer Survivor for “Ali Eats America” Documentary

Ali Allouche is a young man who recently graduated from high school after battling cancer for years. The 18-year old spent many days in the hospital undergoing chemotherapy for osteosarcoma, and he passed the time watching culinary travel shows on television. He was especially inspired by the exploits of the late Anthony Bourdain and resolved to embark on his own journey to dine in a different restaurant in all 50 states.  

To help defray the expenses of his odyssey, Allouche set up a GoFundMe campaign, and the final $4,000 donation that put him over the top came from none other than Bourdain himself. After a year of traveling, Allouche is about to finish up his journey with a meal in Tennessee, specifically at Peg Leg Porker in Nashville on July 24.  

Carey Bringle.jpg

This is a very appropriate choice because that particular barbecue restaurant is owned and operated by Carey Bringle, aka the Peg Leg Porker. When Bringle was also in high school, he suffered from osteosarcoma which eventually forced the amputation of his right leg. Undeterred, Bringle went on to a very successful career as a competitive pitmaster with numerous awards and television appearances, as a restaurateur and as an entrepreneur with a popular brand of Peg Leg Porker Straight Tennessee Bourbon Whiskey.  

Bringle will host Allouche and his family for a private dinner in the private loft of his restaurant in the Gulch neighborhood of Nashville. Bringle put out the call for several of his local chef friends to help out with the dinner, and they responded with resounding support. He’ll be joined in the kitchen by Hal Holden-Bache from Lockeland Table, chef Trey Cioccia from The Farm House and Black Rabbit, and chef Tyler Brown from Southall in Leipers Fork.  

A film team has been following Allouche on his trip for a documentary to be titled “Ali Eats America,” and his trip to Peg Leg Porker should make for a fantastic ending to the film as the two cancer survivors enjoy a celebratory meal together. Though his culinary road trip is coming to an end, Allouche says that this is just the beginning of his food travels. To keep up with his journeys, follow along on his Instagram, @alieatsamerica.

Heather Sinyard