new name for nashville neighborhood hang


Sometimes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. In 2017, Hemingway’s Bar and Hideaway opened up in the burgeoning Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood and immediately earned acclaim for chef Larry Carlise’s menu of internationally-inspired comfort food and a beverage program led by talented local mixologist Chris Weber. Along with co-owner Paul Cercone, Weber has established the restaurant as a comfortable neighborhood hang where bartenders take time to find out what their customers already like and then craft something new that they’ll absolutely love.  

Eventually, though, the owners decided it was time for a little change. In this case, it’s strictly the name of the restaurant, not anything else that goes on within the exposed stone walls that add to the almost subterranean vibe of the space. Cicerone and Weber explain: “Papa was well-versed, well-traveled, and well-imbibed, and a fitting inspiration for Hemingway’s Bar and Hideaway. We established a relationship with his estate and gained approval to use the name, but every trademark comes with a cost. Ultimately it was a wise business decision to rename our little haven in Wedgewood-Houston, though our inspiration remains the same: liberation from obligation through libation and fare. We have a lot of fun with what we take seriously, and we look forward to continuing to serve you at Earnest Bar and Hideaway.”  

The new name is actually two steps away from Ernest Hemingway’s name, just to be safe. The newly-minted Earnest Bar and Hideaway maintains the original menu, concept and culinary team that opened the restaurant two years ago. 438 Houston St. is still a prime destination for affordable and delicious bistro-style lunches, hearty dinners, innovative drinks and fine brunch items served every day of the week except Monday. Papa would still be proud!


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