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Earlier this month we shared ideas for meal prepping. Mid-February is here and after indulging in Valentine’s Day treats from your sweethearts, now is probably a good time to talk staying on track for a healthier you. It’s okay to indulge in those special moments, but don’t let that special moment totally derail your efforts! With a little planning and effort, you can meal prep your way to a healthier lifestyle. We’ve got a few tidbits, facts and tips to help you keep that healthy journey chugging along down the right track to a better you.


You’ll save a ton of calories each week if you take the time to cook your dinners at home. If eating out, look at the menu ahead of time so you aren’t rushed and make the best choice for a meal that fits in your plan.


The easiest way to go off the rails with the healthier diet is by turning to unhealthy comfort foods because you are tired of eating the same foods over and over. Get out of your comfort zone & try new recipes. We’ve got a variety of recipes to help you stay on track! Check out the Springer Mountain Farms Recipe Catalog.


When we eat meals out, the average calories per restaurant meal are usually very high with lots of surprises and hidden calories. Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020-2025 from the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, recommends that most of us should be averaging 2000 calories or less a day depending on our activity level and age. Don’t let those high calorie meals out cause a derailment!


It’s no secret that American sized meal portions seem to get bigger and bigger every year! Meal prepping allows you to manage portion control. Portion all meals, including snacks, especially if you are prone to eating a whole bag of nuts, chips, crackers, etc. Portioning snacks makes it easier to keep them handy allowing you to bypass the unhealthy options.


Americans only spend about 37 minutes per day preparing food and cleaning up after meals. Spend time each week planning and preparing meals to stay headed in the right direction. With over 1,400 minutes a day, you can afford to spend a little more time with meal prepping!


We all falter along the way, so don’t beat yourself up about it! Learn more about food ingredients, how they are processed, what goes in them, and work to eliminate foods that aren’t right for your journey.


With the prices of everything, including food, increasing regularly, it makes more sense to cook at home versus eating out at a restaurant regularly. Save money by making meals at home, especially if you look for special deals, use coupons or buy in bulk. You’ll save money by meal prepping. People that meal prep are less likely to eat out mid-week and that adds up to big $$$.


Skip some of the food prep time by using items that are pre-cooked, veggies from the produce area that are already chopped, or frozen produce, or by choosing healthy sauces, marinades, etc. to make meal prep move along quicker. Cook a whole chicken and portion it up for several meals during the week. Springer Mountain Farms has several fully cooked products to help save time!

Springer Mountain Farms Ready-to-Eat Grilled & Oven Roasted Chicken Strips are perfect for meal prepping and saving time in the kitchen!


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