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At Springer Mountain Farms, we exercise great care in all that we do. Our dedication to providing our chickens with a quality life and healthy diet results in simply superior chicken for you and your family to enjoy.

Our Story

We’ve been in the chicken business for decades, and every one of us believes in doing what’s best. Our farmers in the hills of Georgia’s Blue Ridge Mountains wake up every morning with a commitment to quality, safety, and care.

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Our Team

Our team members across all of our facilities end each day feeling proud of the work they’ve done. It’s not to make sure you can eat good chicken. It’s to make sure you can eat simply superior chicken.

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Dr. Ashley House, Director of Nutrition and Research

Springer Mountain Farms is a brand people trust. That trust has been built over time, through our dedication to animal welfare, the pride we take in our work every day, our commitment to using 100% U.S. grown corn and soybeans in our chicken feed, and the strides we take to reduce our environmental impact.

BRAND Values

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BEST Flavor
and Quality

Every step we take to feed, raise, and process chickens with great care leads to the best-tasting chicken on the market.



We treat our chickens with care and respect. There’s no incentive to do it any other way. All of our practices and procedures are American Humane Certified™, which means they’re backed by science and approved as the most humane possible.

Farms, Facilities, and Feed

Farms, Facilities, and Feed

The closer to home, the better. That’s why we’re committed to sourcing 100% U.S.-grown corn and soybeans for our chicken feed. It’s also why all of our farms and facilities are family owned and operated, and conveniently located within a 60-mile radius of our home office in Northeast Georgia.



We’re a family-owned company with integrity and values that extend to our farmers, flocks, community, and customers. Every single person at Springer Mountain Farms is dedicated to doing what’s best—not because they have to, but because they want to.

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Protecting the environment for future generations is crucial, and we’re proud of the steps we’re taking to track, report, and improve our sustainability efforts. For us, sustainability starts with measurement and is improved by investing in the work that makes an impact.


Learn more about the extra steps we take to ensure the health and welfare of our chickens.

women sitting on rock with baby chick in hands, smiling at camera


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We’re always happy to answer your questions. Check out some FAQs for more information.

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We’re always happy to answer your questions. Check out some FAQs for more information.


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