chef's special, thur., nov. 15

This week on #SMFchicken Chef's Special we are at Simon's Restaurantin Midtown Atlanta with Executive Chef Robert Butts.

Host Christine Pullara of Atlanta & Company talks with Chef Robert about the new fall brunch menu, holidays and their famous fried chicken.

Robert Butts, executive chef of Simon's Restaurant, has been cooking professionally for over six years, but his passion for the culinary world dates back to when he was a young boy. Growing up in a family that always placed value on traditions and spent quality time cooking in the kitchen as a unit, he quickly learned the power of food. Finding a sense of joy, peace and serenity in cooking, this Georgia native moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to study Culinary Arts at the Art Institute of Charlotte. 

Graduating in 2014, Robert found himself yearning to learn more and moved to a Villeneuvette, a small town in the South of France, where he trained under the talented and acclaimed Chef Morgan for a year. Returning to Atlanta, Robert brought back with him the ideal of taking simple ingredients and creating dishes that spoke volumes. 

Chef Butts dedicates his time to exploring different types of cuisines, shopping farmer’s markets and enjoying the vast and ever-growing culinary footprint in Atlanta. Reflective in his cooking, Chef Butts enjoys cultivating a well cultured palette through his interpretation of movement within the seasons. Robert’s goal is to provide patrons with a euphoric dining experience that reflects his imagination, love for food and the world around him.


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