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springer mountain farms tailgating essentials

While Christmas may be the most wonderful time of the year for most, the biggest sports fans think it’s early fall when we are cheering on our favorite teams! For a short period of time each October, we have professional baseball playoffs heating up, college and professional football in full swing and professional hockey poised to hit the ice, not to mention golf, soccer and racing. It’s a tailgating nirvana for any FANatic!

Springer Mountain Farms has a number of fully cooked & fresh products that really make the tailgating experience even better, save you time, and taste great!

Tailgating is a time honored tradition, which mostly consists of grilling, eating and drinking in the parking lots of arenas and stadiums before the big game. There are a few essentials you need for any good tailgating, whether it takes place in the parking lot or in your home with a group of family and friends.

Of course food should rank high on your list of essentials for any tailgating! Finger foods and appetizers like chicken wings and buffalo chicken dip are always crowd pleasers, but don’t forget the burgers, especially the Springer Mountain Farms Fresh Chicken Burgers…tasty and good for you!

Entertaining your crowd in the time between parking the car and kick-off is also important! Giant yard games are a great way to kill the time in between filling your belly, but how about a wing challenge or cook-off between your guests? Depending on the size of your group, pick a few participants ahead of time to go head to head in a wing cook-off. Let the rest of your tailgating crew sample each and vote for the winner!

You can also use this opportunity to meet the neighbors! Invite them to judge the entries to the chicken wing cook-off and become fast friends or enter a heated debate over the drumettes versus the flats. (Which side would you be on?)

There’s nothing more fun than a Build-Your-Own food bar to occupy time AND feed the bellies! Using a few Springer Mountain Farms Fully Cooked products makes this a snap and guarantees high fives all the way around. You provide the basics and ask guests to bring their favorite topping for lots of options.


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