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health benefits of chicken

There are well documented health benefits to eating chicken. It’s a great substitute for red meats in your diet and is a high source of protein to help fuel your bodily functions. Of course, the cut of chicken you choose to use as a substitute can vary on the health benefits. A leaner, skinless portion of breast meat is much healthier for you than a chicken wing or the dark meat, but don’t discard the option of dark meat! Boneless, skinless thighs have good nutritional values too!

The Amino acids found in the lean protein of chicken helps build strong bones and muscles. Amino acids help build your muscle tissue and can also help maintain bone mineral density, which is important as we get older.

Information gathered from the Mayo Clinic, WebMd and USDA-Dietary Health

Chicken averages about 24 to 26 grams of protein per serving. A lean portion of chicken, that is high in protein, is great for weight management or developing healthier eating habits. Foods rich in protein also help reduce the risk of heart disease. Higher protein foods tend to make us feel fuller, longer. Combined with 2 non-starchy vegetables and a small portion of carbs, it is a great way to kick start healthy eating habits.

Remember that the cooking method is just as important as the cut of chicken you choose! There are so many handy, inexpensive kitchen tools and gadgets available to home cooks now, that aid in the ease of creating delicious recipes utilizing healthier cooking methods, like air fryers, sous vide machines, electric griddles, indoor grills, etc.

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