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Cooking Tips

grilling the perfect drumstick and recipe inspiration to get you started

Cooking drumsticks, or any other meat on the bone can be tricky on a grill. You can't just throw the drumsticks on a hot fire directly over the flames, or…

15 simply superior chicken™ recipes for a spectacular 4th

Chicken is always a crowd pleaser and perfect for any summer gathering, especially when it comes to celebrating our Nation's birthday. For this year's 4th of July celebrations, try one…
Cooking Tips

best tips for freezing and defrosting chicken

Are you stocking the freezer with Springer Mountain Farms chicken and not sure how long to store there or best way to defrost for use? You are not alone! We…
Cooking Inspiration

fruity summer fun with chicken

Is it just us or does it seem like 2024 is on a bullet train hurtling at light speed to 2025? It's hard to believe the first day of Summer…
Cooking Inspiration

great grilling recipes for your #1 dad

June ushers in the official start to summer but also recognizes and honors the special men in our lives that provide guidance, love and support our whole lives. Show your…
Cooking Tips

elite bbq smokers' 10 pro tips & tricks for the best grilled chicken

Jason with Elite BBQ Smokers unlocks the secrets to the perfect grilled chicken breast. He'll help you master the art of grilling juicy, flavorful chicken breasts that will make your…
Cooking Inspiration

holiday grilling inspiration

Lots of big holiday weekends on the calendar along with graduation parties and general summer entertaining that is best done outside, especially the cooking! We've got a slew of new…
Cooking Tips

it's national bbq month - chicken cue crew spotlights, recipes, hints & tips for great bbq

One of the first things that probably comes to mind when you think of barbecue is perfectly grilled BBQ chicken. It's a warm weather staple for most households. Since May…
Cooking Inspiration

fake out take out

Fake everyone one out and create your own take out foods right at home. What you come up with is usually better than most take out food, because by the…


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